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September 12, 2017
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Jayda Marie’s Halloween



        Jayda Marie’s Halloween is a fun filled adventure about a cute little girl name Jayda who is absolutely enthralled with the excitement of scary people dressed up in cute outfits including herself clad in beautiful witch attire. Her hat keeps falling off and so she decided to enjoy the day without it. As she gathers candy at the festive shopping center along with other trick-or-treaters, she keeps up with the candy eating though she tries to save most of it inside of her candy bag. Jayda gets even more excited when nighttime comes and she gathers even more candy throughout the neighborhood. The day after Halloween she awakes and sits comfortable in her pile of candy as she eats quite a few chocolate pieces throughout the day. Finally she is told that she cannot eat all of her candy in one day. She packs her candy inside of her backpack and grab a healthy fruit treat snack and looks forward to next year for some more Halloween fun

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