I will never in a million years understand how a woman can lay down with a man, husband or boyfriend, don’t matter, after he has sexually violated her child and in some cases, his daughter as well. I have run into so many women who have said after the abuse was discovered, her mother stayed with him, life went on and they were blamed. One woman whose daughter, his step daughter said “I just didn’t want to believe something like that about my husband” even though he was accused and convicted of raping another twelve year old. Madea had …

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Raped As A Teenage Boy

          My mother got mad, told me simply to “Get out of the car! You’re not being a team player!” were the next words that pierced my soul referring to the paper route we worked as a family. Now that would not have been quite so bad if we were around a few corners from home. Problem is we were many miles away and I had no idea of how to get back home from East Oakland. I asked a few strangers just how far was I from Hayward, CA. One old man said “you have quite a ways to …

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~~Twelve & Innocent~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           I was twelve innocent years old when my virtue was forced away from me by my sister’s 20 year old boyfriend.          November 15, 1974 As I lay in my bed napping from a long day of Jr. High school, I awoke to hands being rubbed up and down my back. “It’s to keep them warm” said Rapist, Robert Mitchell of San Jose, California. Immediately feeling uncomfortable I jumped up, put on and fastened up my jacket and went to the living room where he followed. “I raped and killed my best friend’s little …

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